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GIVE LIFE TO YOUR WORDS | Lettering Design | Custom Type Design | Hand Lettering | Typography | Calligraphy | Script or Handwriting .... whatever name you know it by - custom designed hand lettering is expressive and immediately communicates the mood of your project - it gives life to your words - the way ordinary type never will.

At Hoffmann Angelic Design we are lettering designers who provide professional, custom hand lettering and type design for: packaging and product logos; corporate branding and real estate development logos; book cover art for titles, author type and jacket covers; for all print advertising and for the web as well... basically, whenever a voice speaks in advertising type - and isn't that every time the written word is read - in your headline, in your logo, on your book jacket, on your billboard - custom designed lettering will speak for you.

In our site we show a wide variety of hand lettering and type design that has been created by us for many different types of projects. But please keep in mind - hand lettering is very individual and is never limited to the typography you see here - we have a huge body of designed type that is not on this site - and we are always excited to try something brand new - so challenge us!

We add pieces to our 'new work' section now & then - so please come back again.

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Graphic Designer Andrea Hoffmann | Lettering Designer Ivan Angelic